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Welcome to the online portfolio of Dan Fervin! I'm a graphic and sound designer based off beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over the past years I've been working in the fields of graphic design, illustration, web, advertising and sound. I have been interested in art and experimentalism since an early age which led me to graduate in Graphic Design later on. I have worked for several design, digital and ad agencies and have been featured in national and international magazines, books and design exhibits. Along side my work in different graphic fields, it's been a while since I have started composing soundtracks to animations, ads, and even a Brazilian short movie. I'm also the brain behind Infravend, an electronic music project and live act. If you like my work and want to hire me or buy my art, please get in touch.

[ 2015.01.29 | 17:01 ] This time around I've added 12 new works executed during my experience at diffrent design, ad and digital agencies, like Buurt, Tourné, Jair de Souza Design and Daniel Rothier Studio.

[ 2012.05.24 | 09:52 ] After a long time without a big update, I bring you tons of new works I've been involved with for the past year and half. Hope you enjoy the updates and if so please show your support by liking this page, twitting it or sharing it with your friends in your favorite social networks.

[ 2010.10.18 | 10:17 ] So, I'm finally updating my online portofolio with a few new works, including some of the jobs executed during my experience at Jair de Souza Design. Also, add me or follow me at the different social networks (links on the right) so we can keep in touch and share our updates and interests.

[ 2008.09.19 | 11:04 ] Today's news: 1) two new illustrations I've done will be published in the No Name Magazine RELOAD series and they were presented in an exhibit in Milano, Italy with other 32 featured artists from around the world in July; 2) Ideafixa will release a two-years celebration book with the finest work publsihed in the magazine so far and my artwork will be featured; 3) I've been involved in many projects lately and since March I've been freelancing full-time in my home studio and dedicating myself to a personal music project. Please meet INFRAVEND.

[ 2007.04.16 | 14:25 ] Huge thanks go to Nando Costa for linking up my site at K10K, Fabio at Web From Brazil, Stefan at Etcetera and Flavio at Uailab. I really appreciate it, guys!

FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014
Client: SporTV (2014) | executed at Buurt
I designed an email marketing series for SporTV channel during the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014.

XVII Mostra PUC-Rio
Client: CASA&VIDEO (2014) | executed at Buurt
Between other jobs, I designed the stand for CASA&VIDEO at the XVII Mostra Puc-Rio fair.

Sexy Hot's "Why Improvising?" Store Campaing
Client: Sexy Hot (2013) | executed at Buurt
We created this little campaign to promote the new Sexy Hot channel store, including postcards and videos.

Tourné Branding
Client: Tourné Audiovisual (2013)
Branding for Tourné Audiovisual, a video and motion graphics agency based off Rio.

Erotika Fair 2013 Infographic Panel
Client: Sexy Hot (2013) | executed at Buurt
A huge infographic panel for Brazilian erotic channel SexyHot at Erotika Fair 2013 in São Paulo.

MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio) Branding + Signing
Client: MAR/Fundação Roberto Marinho (2012) | executed at Jair de Souza Design
This was a huge project I was involved during my experience at Jair de Souza Design: branding and signing for the brandnew Rio Musium of Art.

My Baby 3D APP Website
Client: appMEDICAL (2012) | executed at Daniel Rothier Studio
I designed the website for the release of My baby 3D APP for iPhone and iPad. The studio was also responsible for the creation of the APP interface design and user experience.

Rimowa Website
Client: Rimowa (2012) | executed at Daniel Rothier Studio
We were asked to design a new website face for Rimowa.

Alexandre Rosenberg Joaillier Branding
Client: Alexandre Rosenberg (2012) | executed at Daniel Rothier Studio
I had to design a new logo for talented joaillier Alexandre Rosenberg.

CRFB (Centro de Referência do Futebol Brasileiro) Branding
Client: Museu do Futebol (2011) | executed at Jair de Souza Design
I was part of team that created the trophy and the whole campaign for Green Nation Fest.

Foco Comunicações ID + website
Client: Foco Comunicações (2012)
Branding and website for Brazilian communication agency Foco Comunicações.

Client: Personal project (2011) | done in collaboration with Lucas Menezzes
Lucas Menezzes and I created this experimental collage using many materials found at home: pieces of paper from magazines, books, newspaper, pieces of packages, fabrics and so on in order to create this multi-colored, multi-shaped, detailed artwork.


Green Nation Fest
Client: Green Nation Fest (2011) | executed at Jair de Souza Design
I was part of team that created the trophy and the whole campaign for Green Nation Fest.

Rio+Design 2011
Client: SEBRAE / Rio de Janeiro State Govern (2011) | executed at Jair de Souza Design
Rio+Design is a regular design event in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In 2011 a series of actions took place to promote the city's designers and angencies, like a design exhibit and party at Praça Tiradentes, lectures between other smaller events around the city.

Jorge Fonseca at Graphos:Brasil Gallery
Client: Graphos:Brasil (2011) | executed at Jair de Souza Design
Book for Jorge Fonseca's exhibit at Graphos:Brasil gallery located in the heart of Copacabana.

"Jelly Sky"
Client: Personal project (2011) | done in collaboration with Lucas Menezzes
The concept behind this illustration was the no-concept, or the pure spontaneity. It's an artwork intended to exercize the freedom and let the subjectivity flow.

Do Hauze party
Client: Molotov 21 (2011)
Flyer designed for party label Do Hauze, which took place in of the most proiminet dance clubs in Rio for years.

Client: Oi Futuro (2010) | executed at Jair de Souza Design
Visual identity and ambient design for NAVE, an avanced educational center located in the city of Recife, Brazil.

Client: Personal project (2010)
An illustration based on the concept of hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including the historical universe we consistently experience) that together comprise everything that exists.


O Brasil no tempo da Segunda Guerra
Client: CCJE (2010) | executed at Jair de Souza Design
The exhibit, curated by Jair de Souza and Maurício Lissovsky, put side by side how the American and the German photographers envisioned Brazil during the World War II period and also shows other interesting facts about the country on the same time period.

Video Mapzine visual ID
Client: Video Mapzine (2009)
Logo and visual identity for Video Mapzine, a really cool online project that will soon be launched.

"Chaotic Innocence"
Client: Idea Fixa (2009)
This illustration was published on IdeaFixa's Greatest Hits, a book containing the best works from the e-mag first two years. In 2008 it was also one of the few pieces selected to be part of the E-nox/IdeaFixa's project that took the work of different artists to be hanged on the wall and displayed in dozens of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Brazil.

Infravend website [ ONLINE >> ]
Client: Infravend (2009)
Official website for electronic music project Infravend.

Infravend visual ID
Client: Infravend (2009)
Logo and visual identity for electronic music project Infravend.

"Wanderlust series"
Client: NoNameMagazine (2008)
I was invited by NoNameMagazine to design a couple of illustrations under the theme "recharge". So I thought travelling and observing natural landscapes contribute to my personal recharge, so that's where the title "Wanderlust" came from.

Detail 01
Detail 02

Detail 01
Detail 02

Zupi self-promo
Client: Zupi (2007)
I made this self-promotional illustration for the Zupi site cover.

Client: The International Illustrated (2007)
I was invited to contribute with an illustration for the 2nd edition of The International Illustrated project. This is an intimate look at Nature.

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